Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Value of More, and Less

This morning I finally came back to my room, the room where my flowered consignment arm chair is - my place to contemplate. Why have I been away so long? Just sitting down I feel the hours of prayer and searching and writing and thinking that still linger here. I think of all the other things I have been making time for in place of this and I am a bit ashamed. There is no comparison to time spent here.

This morning I am grateful for more - more people in my life than myself...all those who have recently reached out to us - our family, during a health crisis. I am so very appreciative of them all. I am grateful that God is more, so much more.

This morning I am also grateful for less - less stress, less attachment to what is of no profit to any aspect of truly living life.

And so I look forward to more, and less in my life.

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