Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pensacola's 17th Ave Trestle Art

I shot this photo of the 17th Avenue trestle some years back when someone had painted the then popular saying "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" on it. Everyone in the Pensacola area knows about this place - the one place in Pensacola that graffiti is allowed and is a type of must visit place for prom or graduation. I have often wondered just how thick the paint on the surface is.

 Well yesterday I decided to revisit the trestle and look around it to see if there is more to the trestle's artwork than meets the eye from traveling under it. I hope you enjoy these photos - I enjoyed taking them!

Not too sure the porta-potty business appreciates the art...

Just married and headed straight for the bridge...

Tools of the trade

Below are some links to web sites that I found with history of the graffiti bridge:

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  1. Hi Maribeth! I love your photos. The Graffiti Bridge is one of my favorite places. I have a whole collection of photos I've taken of the bridge through the years. Isn't it the coolest?