Friday, December 14, 2012

I Hear the Roar

Some mornings,
early and quiet,
with the face of the water
smooth and reflective,
I hear the roar.

Over the water,
past the barrier island,
the Gulf rumbles.
The in-land breeze rests, yet
 - something is coming.

When I hear the Gulf of Mexico
speaking up in conversation to
what drives the seas,
I know that
deep within my soul
they affect me.

But under the water
far from the waves
driven by currents,
moved by another
living and oblivious
to the roar.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Waiting for Sunrise

Waiting for the sun to rise this morning. Standing on the seawall in nightgown, slippers and a coat, drinking coffee and waiting. The seagulls are screaming at each other well before the sun peeks over the horizon. They are active today. I'm just waiting, looking and listening. A high flying jet starts to show itself with the sun...most likely from a military base east of where I live.
There is another airplane I hear and look north - this is a commercial airplane.
Something is wrong with my camera, or my lens or both. I'm taking this opportunity in the early morning to change settings and record with intent so when I download the images I can see if it's true or it's just been me - something is wrong with the equipment. Time to send it in. But today I'm also looking and listening for anything interesting. Even with faulty equipment there is still a lot to enjoy!

Sun reflecting on cloud then on water

Morning Moon