Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tug and Barge - Santa Rosa Sound

Distracting Internet

Wasting time the other day on-line, clicking from one Favorite to another, I clicked on a certain Christian on-line magazine. To be honest I only clicked on it because I was feeling guilty about the "junk food" I was reading on Facebook and assorted news sites so  I felt an "apple" needed to be on the reading menu. I was really only on the Internet as a distraction. My motivation was certainly not to have a learning experience. When I clicked and began to scan this Christian magazine's Home Page for something meaningful to read, all the titles of articles you could choose to read to give me my dose of "healthy food"  - I got an unexpected sense of feeling unsettled by the choices.

Here are some of the titles I could choose from:
- This Is the Year of the Youth
- This Is the Hour for Women to Arise
- What Really Matters
- Change the World with a Simple Idea
- Start to Do Good
- Quit Trying to Do Good  -- yes, they were both on the same page

I had entered that site with a particular motivation, to counteract all the useless information I had just put in my head. I must have been feeling bad about wasting time. I think internally I gave the Christian magazine web site a different degree of importance and honor  then from what I had given the previous information I was reading. And I think the sense of being unsettled came from the impression thrust upon me from the collage of titles on that page, a lot of do this and do that and you should and I know better type titles. I didn't know where to start! So I did not start, I closed the laptop. I went away from the experience pondering this issue; there are a lot of people who write a lot of things about God and what they think He seems to be saying and doing and wanting. I think too many.

And so now I am writing this (with an open laptop, on the Internet - how ironic is that?) . I am not writing about God, it's about me and my experiences in this learning journey of life. My conclusion? Less Internet surfing. :)