Monday, December 3, 2012

Waiting for Sunrise

Waiting for the sun to rise this morning. Standing on the seawall in nightgown, slippers and a coat, drinking coffee and waiting. The seagulls are screaming at each other well before the sun peeks over the horizon. They are active today. I'm just waiting, looking and listening. A high flying jet starts to show itself with the sun...most likely from a military base east of where I live.
There is another airplane I hear and look north - this is a commercial airplane.
Something is wrong with my camera, or my lens or both. I'm taking this opportunity in the early morning to change settings and record with intent so when I download the images I can see if it's true or it's just been me - something is wrong with the equipment. Time to send it in. But today I'm also looking and listening for anything interesting. Even with faulty equipment there is still a lot to enjoy!

Sun reflecting on cloud then on water

Morning Moon