Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm Not THAT Bored!

A few Saturdays ago as I headed into Pensacola for errands, I called my sister Cathi to chat. I told her in relation to the way I felt that day that "I was so bored I could turn to dirt". Who really knows what that means but I said it. I had put my camera in the car because I was so bored with the running of housekeeping errands I was doing that I thought it would be a great diversion if I came across something to photograph. As I passed St. Michael's Cemetery, a historic location in Pensacola, Florida I decided to go in and take some shots. I had thought about doing it before but never had.

As I entered through the iron gate I saw that I was quite alone. Not a lot of visitors. And as I walked through the cemetery trying to be respectful of the location of graves and looking for what might be an interesting shot what I had said earlier to my sister came back to mind, being so bored "I could turn to dirt" - ironic and humbling - and I decided that I really was not all that bored any more! Anyway, I made use of my time and came back and worked on the photos I shot which helped me be even less bored - I am posting what I thought of interest, below.

Family Plot

Sounds like a nice guy

Contrast in style

I found this one funny - no "do overs" in stone

Oak tree holding head stone - looked like it was reading it

Shapes and Shadows

This is a link to information on the cemetery -

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