Sunday, August 7, 2011

How Palafox Market Became Wal Mart (but i still made blueberry jam)

Last week I had decided that I would have a Saturday that was planned out for me. Just for me. I had been thinking about making blueberry jam. I love blueberries and they are in season. So I thought a nice morning would be to get up early, go to Palafox Market in downtown Pensacola, and buy my blueberries. That way I could enjoy the art booths as I purchased the blueberries (I even had a nifty shopping bag that I wanted to use to put my blueberries in). Then I was going to go to Everman's on Garden Street, Bailey's Farmers Market on Davis Highway and purchase the other produce I would not find at Palafox Market. Maybe go to World Market at Cordova Mall as I had a few gadgets that I wanted to see if they had. Have an excursion experience, of sorts.
I was looking forward to this blueberry jam project. I have NEVER, EVER done any canning. I wanted to add this to my abilities in this pursuit of mine to live and eat responsibly and healthy (let's not discuss the sugar in the jam).
Saturday morning arrived. Sunny day, although hot. Unnamed family member(s), not so sunny, but also hot. Responsibilities of another kind, numerous. MB is getting bombarded with all the support pressures of the rest of the week, and on MY DAY! Ok, take a breath MB and wait. And wait. And do what is required of me.  Patience is a virtue. It's 1:00 PM before the wind of this set-back calms, then fades completely and I can crawl out of the shelter. Regroup. Think. Wal Mart is down the street. They have blueberries! And so the day changed, the process to completed jam not as expected, but success! And success is a very good reward.

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