Friday, September 30, 2011

A Changing Room

As I walked into my kitchen this evening of 9/30/2011 - I looked out the windows towards the water. Before me was not only a beautiful rainbow sky but also an extremely motivated group of flying creatures everywhere I looked; dragonflies, bats, seagulls, pelicans, herons, and other perching type birds such as sparrows. They were swooping and flying at a increased pace just before sunset, past each other, over the yard and water. Reminded me of the Jetson's cartoon I used to watch as a kid with all the different space craft flying around. I ran for my camera because the color in the sky was only going to stay put for a moment, I knew.

I think the flying activity is due to the weather changing. The temperature tonight will be considerably lower than it's been yet as the season is changing. That may explain the increased activity of the flying creatures - that maybe and a north wind. And not to get too serious here but it did remind me of something, that circumstances and seasons change, bringing to mind a dream that was related to me regarding walking through a large building, going from room to room, but that ultimately the journey was about going in the front door and out the back door, however long you spent in the individual rooms. And so I appreciate having the visual aide out my window to enjoy and to remind me of making the most of the time we do have, looking over how wonderfully furnished these rooms are!


  1. ...most definitely...enjoying what we have while we still have it...much to be said for stopping to smell the roses as opposed to "looking at the flowers riding a horse" (a Chinese proverb)...

  2. I looked that proverb up - what I saw on-line was: glance over things hurriedly
    2.gain a superficial understanding through cursory observation.
    3.skim the surface.

    I appreciate the feedback!