Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Colors of Japan

I have been trying to keep up the discipline of writing a new post in this blog each weekend. It is my way of staying as current as possible in creating something new, as a writer (of sorts) and a photographer.

I am grouchy today so the well is a tad dry. I looked back at photos I have taken in the past and went through some of the ones I took in Japan.

That trip was quite the plane ride... in coach. I sure remember that long trip but the photos brought back better memories. I hope you enjoy these random photos showing some colors of Japan.

The pond shown above and the flowers shown below were taken in the city of Tokyo. There are beautiful things to see if you just look around.

A red hat...

More flowers...


...the emperor and his wife waving at me!

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  1. Thanks for posting your photos. One never tires of looking at beautiful things. PJ