Sunday, September 2, 2012

Parents: Good, Bad and - who knew?

Thinking today about parenthood. I'm making dinner for my first born and much loved son, Chris. His birthday is actually 9/8 but he lives in Atlanta and is here for Labor Day weekend so today is the day. I have the benefit of having my mother's carrot cake recipe, thank God we all have copies of it. I have made this cake for years and all my boys love it - I get the praise but it is not my doing at all. The only credit I should get is that I followed her directions as they were written, finally! It is ironic to me that I get praises from my children every time I make this cake because it is good only when I follow the instructions. I find that sort of funny since I was such a pain for my Mom, and I would never describe my relationship with her as compliant - at least not in my 12 years old and on going age. But you know you grow up and you learn. Unfortunately, my mother died of ovarian cancer at age 49 and I was 25. I was still pretty obnoxious but she loved me and I knew it.
So on to this thought - Parents: Good, Bad, and - who knew? I think about my boys and what I loved doing with them as they grew up: reading at night. I will forever be awed by the Chronicles of Narnia and the wonderful stimulation I think they generate for imagination as I read the books to them - Doctor Seuss, I think I can still repeat most of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish from memory. It makes me smile to remember my verbal interpretation of the wild rumpus for Where the Wild Things Are. All of this brings a smile to my face and it is so precious - yet - I did some things wrong. And I thought about that today, how that with all your best intentions as a parent, there are some things that you just get wrong.
And so I am glad for this truth - that God gives grace to the humble, that He requires that we do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Him. And I think that there is a beautiful over riding of grace from God in our lives, if we allow it. I sure need it and am grateful for it!


  1. I am thinking about all the things that I know you did right, and you can tell, they still all look to you for Carrot cake!

  2. Maribeth, don't think of things "wrong", think of things you would like to have done better. Great post.

  3. Enjoyed your reflections. There are some things I wish we'd done differently too. Most of all, I am grateful to God for all the blessings reigning down on all our lives right now.

  4. Maribeth, thanks for your posting...really appreciate the reminder of God's over riding grace...i truly want it in my life now and as long as i'm still alive