Sunday, January 15, 2012

For the Sake of an Illusion

“I was beginning to say these politics are crazy. I’ve experienced so much loss, and created so much loss, for the sake of an illusion.”
The sentences above are the best in a very good article in the New York Times today. It's about Judith Clark, a radical from the 1960's in the USA that was sentenced to a very long prison sentence for her part in a robbery of  Brink's armed truck in 1981 where 3 people were murdered. The article  highlights to me the waste of extreme views that do not allow for community - community that consists of variety. It also made me wonder what seeds of her early character were sown in her life by her parent's earlier extreme views. Regardless, I found it worth the time to read it. I recommend it.


  1. Read the article you recommended about Judith Clark - good. It's very likely no one will ever believe her, if in fact she has changed (sounds like she really has). The silver lining here, to me, is the relationship that has developed between she and her daughter. Children just are resilient like that - thank God. Yes, perhaps her parents' time in the Communist Party and time in Russia planted something in her which contributed to her demise. Hope they let her out soon (mainly because she never pulled the trigger in any of the killings nor was she the lead conspirator). But even more, I hope she gives her life to the Messiah - perhaps she already has they way she talks of Jonah.

    1. Sorry - "the" way she talks of Jonah.