Monday, January 2, 2012

Women Go Straight to Heaven

Women go straight to heaven, they really do. No lingering in purgatory's halls, no sir - or ma'am. Straight in. That was my thought this morning at the kitchen sink. It seemed to have come to me all of a sudden but I think it's been sneaking up on me all through the holidays with the rush to decorate late and then cook then clean up in the aftermath. Now, on January 2 after 6 days of holiday, with the boiled peanut pot and the ham roaster as well as assorted other skillets to clean from yesterday, I am morphing out of, rather quickly, a holiday state of mind. These chores accompanied by husband sitting at counter watching iPad data and that thought came over me - that women will go straight to heaven. I thought about all that being a wife and mother takes, all the second seat on the bicycle built for two days, all the effort required to create an atmosphere others enjoy, and all the sacrifices that make up most of your day when you would really rather be doing something else - and so while I was doing a slow burn at the sink and now letting that burn get some air with this post, I decided that the reward of this all was a easy entrance ticket to glory - that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!


  1. Best blog yet - and true!

  2. ...feel relieved i've never put a woman through all that, but divorce isn't cool at mom did share the same sentiments - six kids and my dad...don't know how she did it and my dad was old school - husband works outside and wife does everything to run the home (housework, kids, etc.)...she met Jesus at 40 and told me in so many words, if the Lord hadn't saved her, she would have been a mess...i was a single parent in L.A. and did everything to raise my daughter (from 7th grade to graduate from university) and held down a full-time job...housework, cooking and the like are easy for me, but i know i wouldn't be able to live in a situation where i am relegated to always do all the dirty work for other people who are my equals.

  3. Great idea you have! Women are special to God because he knows what stuff a lot of us have to put up with from husbands, kids and in-laws. We do all that Christmas decorating and cooking because we want to give something of ourselves to those we love- whether it is appreciated or not. Now that deserves a reward like automatic entrance into heaven and/or a great big, beautiful mansion to live in which never needs cleaning or maintenance that has an incredible view of the throne of God.