Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - Shots and Thoughts

Here I am in this photo looking at and recording a small portion of my world. As my last post of this year I thought it would be fun to look through photographs I have on my laptop and pick a few out to post. I sure can't take any new ones today. It looks like we live in a cloud right now with all the fog outside.

Looking through the photographs also gave me opportunity to reflect - the photographs I have downloaded are still in the batches when they were shot - little remembrances of this past year - some bringing back good memories, some not quite as nice, but all pieces of my life.  Of course pieces of my family's lives also but I don't like to include them too much in this blog as they may be unwilling participants in that.

To start with, the shot below is one I took early in 2011 waiting on my grand girls at our designated meet spot, the Visitors Center in Pensacola at the foot of the 3 Mile Bridge.  We live in Gulf Breeze and they live in Pensacola so it's a good half way point to meet to pick them up for visits.

Entrance to Bayou Texar -
Pensacola, Fl.

The photo to the left was shot from the deck of my house sometime in 2011. The view is westward.

The photograph below is another westward shot, at sunset.

The flowers remind me of the spring and summer when the garden plants start to grow and bloom. It is always a source of enjoyment for me to see what's new. This past year was no different.

This sailboat photograph was taken down the street from my house after a few days of a tropical storm. This sailboat was anchored out in front of the house for 1.5 days but couldn't make it to the end and ended up here at Linden Avenue boat ramp.

To close this post - a sunset at Pensacola Beach during a few days off when I stayed on Pensacola Beach...walking quietly along.         I'm due for another one...:-)              Happy New Year!!

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  1. Great photos, Maribeth, as usual. Love all the shots and the colors are fantastic to me. Maybe I enjoy it so much because it's all so familiar to me yet so very distant from my life. Happy New Year.