Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Night

You slept with me
last night
(I was so glad)
curled up,
not moving much.
The moment you came
and laid down
I knew your presence,
it stroked my heart
and I slept.
When I awoke
I stayed perfect-ly quiet
to keep you
from waking up to go.
Did my heart beat?
Was I breathing? - I was so still.
Slowly I rose up,
on my side of
this particular bed
and without looking
at you.
I went to the day
leaving you behind
to come
and go...
in the night.


  1. Loved this poem. I often go to sleep at night knowing the Lord is right there with me. There is such comfort and peace in His Presence.

  2. I loved writing this poem - it means quite a bit to me.