Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey Thanks

Thanksgiving was 2 days ago. I am sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing but what I want to do - which has been searching the internet for suppliers and information on a business venture/dream that I have  - researching options and prices - and I have been trying to make use of the turkey that was hanging out in the fridge, getting up from time to time to stir this or that - and so I thought that I would make another post in this blog showing my efforts to be a good steward of turkey. Below you can see a Pot Pie that I just took out of the oven (I let it cook about 5-10 minutes too long I think) - and...

the turkey broth that consists of all the bones of the turkey and the meat that I got tired of cutting up for the pie, as well as garlic, onions, sweet peppers, fresh thyme, fresh parsley, salt, pepper - maybe something else I can't remember that I threw in the mix - and it's been cooking down for a few hours. I used three cups of the broth for the pie a few hours ago. After it cools I'm going to strain it and freeze the broth that I don't make soup with.

I know this information is too exciting for everyone who stumbles across this entry but I wanted to write a post with a Thanksgiving theme. I wondered how to write something really meaningful this morning on being thankful, in particular being thankful when you have some serious things going on in your life that you really are not very thankful for, but I have not had the quiet time to put all that together in my head. The TV is going as I write - seems to be something about an earthquake slowly crumbling the United States to would be hard to be thankful about that! But perhaps the emerging realization of the main character regarding how he really loves his little daughter as they race away from the pursuing cracks, and the rekindled appreciation of what really matters can in a way, make you somewhat thankful for the earthquake?

(How's that for pulling it together?)

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  1. ...pulled it together quite well...sounds like 2012...good movie...really like the idea of making broth and freezing it for future soups...