Sunday, October 28, 2012

Be Heard

I don't know really how to say what it is I am going to try to say here in this entry. It's regarding an extremely touchy subject but somehow I feel compelled to write this. It is in regard to the election and the way I believe that causes me to vote one way or the other. So here goes, and I hope I make some sense.

I believe very strongly the following - that life is precious and should not be discarded lightly, and that God made men and women in His image, and intended for them to marry each other. These two beliefs I hold dear and believe that they are keys to a strong and healthy society for a lot of reasons that I won't go into here. I also believe that Jesus came to show the way to God. And Jesus was the ultimate example in sacrificial love and was full of compassion. Therefore to attempt to follow Jesus we must strive to be as He was, loving and compassionate. Very difficult task.

During this election period I have read posts on Facebook by people who are going to vote for Romney and people who are going to vote for Obama. I have heard convictions and beliefs on both sides and what a wonderful country we have that we have freedom of speech - but then again, do we really? It seems that there is an underlining current of discrimination and hateful remarks against people who hold the same beliefs that I do; abortion is fundamentally wrong and that marriage should be between a man and a woman. To hold these convictions these days puts you at risk to be called homophobic, ignorant, hateful - and all other assorted titles to demean your beliefs. I frankly am getting tired of it and I want to speak up. I have just as much right in this country to say no to something as others have to say yes. And in those issues, we must have healthy debate and opportunity to speak and elect others that share your beliefs. That is what our country is founded on - a form of government that has elected officials to govern for the people who elected them. Our country has many people of ethnic, religious and sexual persuasions, all of which have a voice and the power to vote. So let's stop calling names to people we don't agree with - and realize that it is arrogance that causes dismissal of others as if their strongly held convictions have less place or merit than your own, or are somehow ignorant and hateful. I do not feel hateful towards anyone. I desire that all would prosper and live in peace. I have an idea of how that could be done, and therefore I vote.

And so - we are on the last lap of this election. I pray that all would vote their conviction, and give respect to those who don't agree with you. For the people, by the people...

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