Saturday, November 7, 2009

Affordable Funerals But I'd Rather Live

It's Saturday morning and I fixed breakfast - not a usual thing. Now I'm surfing the web for information on a new business venture that I want to do - stopped by my blog to see if there were new comments - and saw that Google had added a new advertisement on my site about "Affordable Funerals"...I am not very excited to be associated with funerals but it did give me a new title - I love titles!
To proceed in my attempt to actually write something that goes with this title...I'd rather have an expensive life, slightly out of reach but something to work at and for, than any affordable funeral. Now on to my day...


  1. you are on. it is going to happen for you., you are awesome..

  2. Why thank you Anonymous! I don't know how awesome I am but I appreciate you saying so!