Thursday, November 12, 2009

Prepared Minced Garlic

I blogged earlier last month - when I had just started my blog - about prepared minced garlic - you know, the issue that keeps you awake at night. I have used it ALOT for the last few years. My husband has high blood pressure and I though that globs of this garlic was great in just about anything ....but...guess what? My garlic I use - from Great Value - (I know, I'm sorry!) - has Phosphoric Acid in it. Our not so good of a friend - phosphoric acid...I loved that I could open the jar and just throw my globs of garlic in my food - but I have discovered that...even with what we consider "natural", minced garlic in a jar - this garlic has phosphoric acid all in it - I have to research but from what I can see phosphoric acid in soft drinks has been linked to a problem with dissolving skeletal tissue - Let us just mince the garlic cloves, don't you agree?

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