Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father, the Verb

It's Father's Day and I have not made a post this week. Thought I'd give it a shot. I am really not a fan of holiday sermons - Father's Day, Mother's Day, even Christmas as it seems as if you've heard most of it before. I'll try to be creative! ...and not make it a sermon...

Father, as a noun, means a person who has begotten a child or it means the first person of the Trinity - God. As a verb it means to be the founder of and to accept responsibility for. A father acted out is a person who accepts responsibility for that which he has produced.

Today I am thankful for my father, Joseph Hector Bosse - the eldest of six children born to Hector and Beatrice (Lamothe) Bosse in Fall River, Massachusetts. My father produced 8 children, of which I am the 3rd from oldest. My father is 84 and has lived a long, productive life. I am grateful he is still here and healthy and still very productive in our lives and God's kingdom. My father was always responsible to care for his family. My father cared for his own father for the last 11 years of his father's life, my Pepere Bosse who sat next to either me or my sister Cathi at the table of 11, depending on who won the fight. (My grandfather liked to mix all his food together and for some reason we found that highly offensive as teenagers). I was blessed to have not suffered from an absent or irresponsible father. But what about other people who did not have that, or even men who have produced offspring and have not taken responsibility for them? I am a firm believer that each and every day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending for our lives, for the victim and for those who may have victimized others. This new beginning starts by simply asking God for help to change; change the bitterness and to change the regret which will start a new journey towards peace. I could preach on that but who wants to hear it? The work of a changed heart is very special and individual between the person and God - and it is a beautiful thing.

Happy Father's Day!

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