Saturday, June 9, 2012

Who Is Speaking?

It's a rainy day in Gulf Breeze, Fl. I am sitting at the counter in the kitchen, next to the old guy. Looking through some of my previous posts in this blog I read Distracting Internet againIn Distracting Internet I wrote: "I went away from the experience pondering this issue; there are a lot of people who write a lot of things about God and what they think He seems to be saying and doing and wanting. I think too many"...and another mental portal cracked opened in my "gerbil wheel brain" (a phrase borrowed from barely-older big sister) and I'm off and running. So here goes, or goodbye, if you're moving on.

My thought(s) that were generated from the re-reading of that portion of my earlier blog entry go something like this:
MB's Question #1:Do too many people try to tell you about God? Answer: yes.
MB's Question #2:Can God speak through people? Answer: yes.
MB's Question #3:How can you tell which ones really are God's messengers? Answer: not sure.
MB's Question #4:Why does MB even care? Answer:...............................................?

Since Question #1 and #2 are answered I'll muddle around in #3 and #4 using my personal experience and from reading the Bible, both Old and New Testament. If you have a problem with those points of reference, turn back! If not and it's raining at you're house too and you have some time, please read on.

I have read the bible on a very regular basis since I was 16 years old, on my own and in groups. I can testify to anyone that wants to learn more about God, sincerely, that they will find that this book will speak to them and continue to in ways that are beyond human reasoning. That has been my experience. I have also had the experience of hearing God speak to me through individuals in the most profound way of having a single note sound in a stream of ordinary words. I'll give you two examples. The first was years ago when my husband and myself were involved in a church split - not that we caused it but that we were very involved in a church that split apart from disagreements. As we stood in our kitchen talking endlessly with another couple in a stream of endless  conversations on the subject, my youngest son, in a rare break in the conversation, looked up at us all and asked, "But Mommy, what does the wise man build his house on?" (Matthew 7:24-27). That was God speaking through a human. The second instance came when a friend that I saw socially in regards to a non-profit we were both involved in were having an ordinary conversation. We were discussing a new business venture that my husband and I were right in the middle of and she asked a very innocent question, "How is your house coming along?". Both these times were times that God was trying to reach me. I heard the sound, the note of something calling deep within, but I brushed it aside. Both instances where challenges to the direction I was going in my life and where I was putting my efforts and assets. So yes, God can speak through people but why we don't recognize it or accept it at the time, I don't really know. I'm sure it has a great deal to do with self-will, but that is another subject.

So why do I care? Why even write about this? Obviously there is some personal need of mine more complex than I recognize to do this, I get that. But I also care because I think that many times when people write about "a lot of things about God and what they think He seems to be saying and doing and wanting"  and they are really not speaking for God, they do very little good on this earth. And we need a lot more good done.

So listen to the little children and in the casual conversations you have as you go through your day. You might be surprised by who is really speaking to you!

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