Sunday, June 3, 2012

Who Opened the Portal AND...Too Late for the Frog?

I hardly know how to get started with this blog. Do I start with the portal, the frog, or the guy who ate someone's face in Miami? (I didn't know how to get the face-eater in the title). I have a feeling that this entry will be somewhat disconnected in connecting the thoughts. I'll probably tweak it after I post because I know it will take time to properly write this - and I am impatient...feel free to comment on where it misses the mark on being clear. So here goes.

The face-eater - I really didn't want to read about the face-eater but it was one of those things that gets the better of your curiosity - and maybe common sense, so I read about it in the Miami Herald after hearing about it over and over in news stories. What I read horrified me as I am sure it did everyone else, but I also had to think about how could this and did this happen? The news reports talk about "bath salts", some kind of chemical that is being used to get high. The reports are about how when you use this chemical it makes you feel like you are burning up inside, which could explain the removing of clothes, according to the reports. But I think what happened may be far worse than that. The police report also says that the face-eater had super human strength, and that he growled. I have read about this kind of thing before, minus the face eating: super human strength; extreme aggression; vocal abnormalities. In the New Testament, in the gospel of Mark, Chapter 5, verses 1-9 there was a man that Jesus set free from demon possession. I thank God for the power of Jesus Christ that can set such a person free. Too bad that did not happen to this man, or that whatever portals that he kept open in his life to allow for this were not closed by him prior...I could expound about the passage of scripture in Mark, but you can read it for yourself and really I'm writing about the frog...(I have a link to Wikipedia below about the frog story)

There is a frog in a pan and the temperature of the water  in the pan increases so slowly that the frog doesn't notice until it's too late. In many ways I think that we in the USA are in that situation. I'm starting to feel well done. I'm not a historian so I can't point to the signs that existed in other countries and cultures and civilizations as they entered into the red-hot danger zone of boiling to death, but I bet we have seen a few here. And the indoctrination to our society that has allowed for the slow boil began long ago - promotion of personal ambition over the common good, independence at the expense of the family unit, the idea that wealth brings happiness, new is always better - and God forbid you should ever be sad...

Ok so what's the point? It's to get out of the water while you still can. I don't mean leave USA but I do mean GET OUT OF THE WATER - however that applies. I'm trying.


  1. ...that's the only way - "get out of the water"

  2. Your blog reminded me of a conversation I had with my brother this week. He is a life time member of the Presbyterian Church USA and his local congregation is now being forced to decide if they are for or against ordaining homosexuals into the pastorate. Homosexual liberals have been gradually infiltrating the denomination, perverting the Scriptures, recruiting others and gradually taking over leadership positions. Here are the potential outcomes: 1. vote to leave the denomination and start a new work after 60 years in that location. 2. go through a church split because it is not a unanimous decision. 3. Loose their church property and buildings which some have spent a lifetime paying for. 4. end up in a court battle after the sale of the church over the money. 5. lose so many members they can't pay the bills. 6. compromise their Biblical beliefs and traditions in order to not lose their church property. 7. pay out an exorbitant amount of money for lawyers. This whole situation is a perfect example of the frog in the pan allegory.