Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Challenge of Change

My garden on the east side of my house has brought me a lot of joy. There is a walkway between two patches of dirt and I can walk it's 40 ft. to check out the changes - what's bloomed, what has grown, what even might be in a stage of decay, what is dying. There are many different types of plants along the walkway - some in the ground, some in pots. Some tall, some small. Some that bloom, some that do not. As I walk and observe I then have to address each issue as I need to, as I am able, or want to, because I am the caregiver/gardener.
Life is sort of like that - as we walk life's path there are many changes we will see - some to enjoy, some to lend a hand to, and some to just watch die. I think that the wisdom to know our place as caregivers over the garden we have been assigned is crucial, to have the knowledge of the plants - divine.

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