Monday, October 19, 2009

Sumatra in the morning - should it be tea?

Monday morning - a strong cup of Sumatra coffee, Starbucks of course and Good Morning! It's still dark at 6:15 am and a bit cool here in lower LA - (Lower Alabama) but it's Monday and thinking about getting back into the hamster wheel of trying to get Contractors to actually pay us makes for a challenge in the optimism department, but no matter - optimism is a must. On that note, with a probable challenge ahead, should it be tea instead of coffee? The coffee gets me going but since I love it and drink it until the pot is gone, would it be better to make myself get in the habit of tea? I think some of the issue is that we get into a ritual habit, making the coffee, smelling the coffee, that first taste in the morning...maybe if I have a tea maker...I made a tea with lemon balm, lemon catnip, rose hips, lavender - but that was for my sister who has had trouble sleeping for years. I think I'll put this on my list to do - find a mixture of herbs that would be good for a morning tea, with a kick! Ginseng comes to mind.
The sunrise today is so beautiful. Deep orange fading to yellow and moving on up to blue. Glorious!

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  1. I'm in the process of weaning myself from coffee. I gave away my coffe-maker but kept the espresso machine. I tucked it away in the office, just in case I need it some day. :)

    I sometimes splurge on a latte out but have been drinking green tea at home. I'm getting used to the flavor and hope to develop enough of a taste for the stuff to also drink herbal tea. Right now, I don't like herbal tea. I know tastes change, though, so am hopeful. I feel so much better without the coffee habit. I like feeling free of the addiction, plus my belly is happier now. (it didn't agree with my chrones)

    The tea you designed for your sister sounds like something to tuck under her pillow instead of drink out of a cup!!! :)