Sunday, October 18, 2009

Easy Sunday Morning

Well, this morning is great - clear, crisp and I feel energized - all 52 years of me. I've been wanting to start a blog for some time because...I really don't why but I have so here I am.
I have been trying to get us (Dan the hubby and myself) off of as many chemical additives in food as I can, factoring in that I don't have time to devote my life to it like a religion, but I am making the changes I can as they come to me as opportunities. For example - bread. Look at the ingredients in a loaf of whole wheat or whole grain bread - maybe you have the whole grains but you have a whole lot of other things also. So I started to make bread in my bread machine - yes, my bread machine because if I want to be a purist and make it by hand, it will never happen - whole wheat bread with flax and sunflower seeds. For my husband and I a loaf a week is enough - keep in the refrigerator - ingredients - unbleached bread flour, whole wheat flour (I am looking hard to find whole wheat bread flour (might have to grind my own) - salt, yeast, honey, butter, flax seed, raw sunflower seeds. Great! This morning I am making stew and I have decided to eliminate and replace the stew seasoning mix I have used for years with my herbs I grow. Herbs - that's for another post. I have learned so much about them and enjoy them and love the smell of them when cut and when drying. Too much to write now. But I'll post later what I did with the stew if it tastes good - or even not so good. Gotta learn by trying...


  1. thanks for the invite, MB. Writing and reading blogs has kept me sane in my spiritual wanderings. Each one is unique. I limit myself now, but in the past have read dozens a day.

    Kudos to you for trying to detox. So much junk in our food. I recently became a vegetarian and have never felt better. I feel so light and my palate has sprung to life!

    I'm with you on the bread machine. I usually use the dough cycle and put the bread in a pan to rise and bake in the oven, though. I like the texture better. As for wheat flour, I like to mix part wheat with bread flour. I prefer to grind the wheat berries because it just tastes so much better! Also, I use a little extra gluten if I use extra grains like flax, seeds, nuts or oats. Helps keep the bread light.

    Good luck with your adventures in natural cooking! Looking forward to seeing where this blog will go. ~twi

  2. My Aunt always said as she was teaching me how to knead bread, the best way to clean your hands is to knead bread