Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Chives Need a Haircut and the Cilantro Has Gone Wild

Another Sunday afternoon although this one is a bit different because Dan is convalescing from knee surgery and I know for a certainty that I was not created to be a nurse...
Since I am a constant companion in the living room/kitchen area with him, I am staying busy. I was also that companion yesterday and I was not as busy but a bit lazy, watching Netflick's on the lap top. Not a typical Saturday and my choice of movies were a bit on the dark side...I want today to be more uplifting and productive so I have repotted my chives and gave them a military style hair cut and my Cilantro has surprised me today by suddenly having a growth spurt and I am in the hunt for recipes that use it. I love the taste of Cilantro.
Today was Tomato Gravy for breakfast - Dan loves it, it must be a Southern thing, I do not love it but I do like that I can use the sweet marjoram I have growing to put in the sauce. Now I am cooking blackberry cobbler - blackberries I picked earlier this year - they freeze well. I put the blackberries in the food processor and grind them up then dump them in a wire mesh strainer to get all the juice out and leave the seeds behind. My granite pestel works really well for pressing the seeds and running it around in the strainer to drain the juice.

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  1. Yum. Your blog is making me hungry. Especially for the cobbler. I love cilantro, too. I like that you can use it in both southwestern and asian fare.

    I've heard knee surgery can be a bitch to recover from. Hope Dan is up and about in no time. And that both of you find unexpected blessings from this time of recovery. :)