Sunday, October 18, 2009

Easy Beef Stew

OK - the stew. I had sirloin steak in freezer, I did NOT want to go to the store to buy stew meat so I used it. It was two average size steaks. Cut them up then dusted them with unbleached flour and about 2-3 tsp. of crushed basil I had just dried last night in the dehydrator. Some salt and pepper. Brown this in olive oil. Added a can of tomato soup (I need to replace this with chemical free soup - I used a popular brand and forgot to read the label but I am sure it has additives) then I cut in quarters 4 yellow onions. I use yellow onions with stew. Then I cut up about 1/8 cup of flat leaf parsley from herb garden, threw in a approx. 7" stem of rosemary from garden, about a tsp. of sweet marjoram, some water and about a tablespoon of minced garlic. The garlic, it is in the jar in refrigerator - fast - but I need to research the additive added in that - I'll do that later. Cook for one hour. Then added organic baby carrots - just dump them in without cutting them up - and 2 red potatoes I had and three russet - two yellow squash and let that cook until we leave for church. Turn off stove before leaving and stick pot in frig. I have sage and rosemary in dehydrator right now - must remember to turn that off too! Will sample after church...(bread is in bread machine...).
Just got back and ate the stew - great! I think next time a bit more salt but the rosemary gave it a sweet flavor and the basil also. Hurray! Oh yea - don't forget to pull the rosemary stem out. All the leaves should be cooked off.

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